AMSYS Capital Announces New Fund to
Hedge Against A Volatile Crypto-Market

AMSYS Capital, an investment manager of Amsys Digital Asset Fund, LP, announced today the launch of its first Digital Asset Fund (the “Fund” seeks to manage growth within a volatile crypto-currency market). The Fund is actively-managed.

HOUSTONOct. 6, 2018 

“Because of its volatility – you have to know what you are doing. REAL RECOGNIZES REAL. In our opinion, Crypto-currency & Blockchain technology are one of the largest breakthroughs in ‘money’ since ledgers were invented; we have not had a breakthrough like this for centuries. For example, a large percentage of the population does not currently have bank accounts due to obscure locations and bank fees. Millions of people will now be able to have accounts all over the world very easily.”


“Blockchain and crypto assets may revolutionize how we transact business in the future – because it offers new simple ways to accumulate, govern, store, record, track and transfer value and data.”


“The AMSYS Digital Asset Fund aims to harness the transformational elements of this new monetary and technological invention and provide investors exposure to this new type of asset class.” said
Shezad Kapadia – CEO of AMSYS Capital.

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The Fund sees this as a prime opportunity to get in early on something globally changing and may have more dramatic transactional worth to e-commerce and global currency in the future.

Crypto assets continue their growth in awareness as an alternative investment class, including currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and others. Companies around the world are launching Initial Coin Investments to raise capital with billions raised already.

The AMSYS Digital Asset Fund is a hedge fund, which means it’s goal is to actively manage exposure and volatility and compound gain within the digital market. The fund leverages the robust ecosystem of its advisory companies; Amsys Innovative Solutions (15 year old IT services company), Amsys Blockchain (blockchain development and advisory company), and AMCHART (blockchain company striving to put health records on the blockchain) to better understand and trade the cryptocurrency markets.

The investment objective of the Fund is to responsibly invest in a volatile market and gain capital appreciation and maximize absolute returns by offering investors exposure to a broad range of crypto assets. The Fund is offering Interests pursuant to Rule 506(C) of Regulation D to only Qualified Eligible Persons.

The Fund is founded by entrepreneur and investor Ken Parekh and seasoned financial professional Shezad Kapadia – CEO of AMSYS Capital.

Ken Parekh has over 15 years of professional experience in IT technology, as well as personal experience managing his own investment accounts, including trading and investing in stocks, bonds, real estate, and more recently, crypto-currency growth. Mr. Kapadia has spent over 12 years in the commercial and investment banking industry and brings a great deal of experience in capital markets.

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About AMSYS Capital

AMSYS Capital is an investment manager. The investment objective for Amsys Digital Asset Fund, LP is to achieve capital appreciation and maximize absolute returns by offering investors exposure to a broad range of crypto assets, whose value is secured by cryptography, encryption and other blockchain technologies. There is no guarantee that the fund will achieve this objective. The Fund is an actively-managed portfolio of crypto assets offering exposure to the hyper-growth blockchain technology industry. The Fund and the assets it trades may not be a suitable investment for everyone. Request a Fund fact sheet for more information by visiting

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